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OMG!!!!!! That body… Those jeans

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Fifty Shades Of Grey teaser | HD.

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Sometimes I think about Sam reading John’s Journal.
When he’s doing research, or just reading it.
When he read about Dean taking care of him.
How a lot of things have changed through the years,
and others, will never change.

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We aim to please…

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I tried forming a gang once but it turned into a book club.

– Ram Danielle (ramsterrrr)

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Fangirl (Special Collector’s Edition) by Rainbow Rowell

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Aramis and D’Artagnan in 1.04 The Good Soldier

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One of my coworkers shared this picture on Facebook.

This picture says so much.

How I’ve been feeling lately.

to all the people who say ems isn’t hard or mentally taxing.

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